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I’m not sure if there is a bigger contrast between these photos from East Cork and Shanghai, but both have their charms.

Just click on any of these photos to enlarge.

Here is the scene that met me a few days ago as I was preparing to go to work. I jumped out of bed and ran down the road to take a few snaps before the ever changing weather stole the view from me.


Another photo, this time by Garryvoe beach. the island in the distance as a mother coaxed her child to keep pace with the rest of the family.


And this one I took yesterday, with my boys.


Three different days, three┬ácompletely different weather conditions. That’s Ireland for you.

Every time I come out to California, I feel a need to travel down to the Pacific Coast Highway between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. It’s wonderful. The yellow cliffs, the long beaches, the sea fog close to the shore and the huge breakers. It’s a magical place. Here are some photos I took yesterday.


Over the weekend, I went on a trip to the Aran Islands off the coast of Co. Clare. The trip back was quite an experience.. As the video below shows, the ocean was a tad rough and the boat trip turned into a festival of international vomiting. All continents were represented, I am sure.

For those of a sensitive disposition, there is NO vomiting in the attached video, just enormous waves crashing off very high cliffs. Pretty darn impressive, if I say so myself..

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