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Here’s a nice exhibition to visit, if you are around Cork City and looking for some place to go.

The Cork Vision Centre is half way up North Main Street, close by the Gate Cinema. It’s located in what used to be St. Peter’s Church – now completely renovated. It features an impressive scale model of Cork, stretching from Blackrock Castle to the Lee Fields.

The exhibition also has paintings and sculptures by a number of local and international artists. It’s delightful stuff.

The centre is free to visit, and open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 pm to 5 pm each day.

Ah yes, advertising. The crude oil powering the engines of modern media. It pays the bills of television, radio, newspapers and the Internet, and as such it is a necessary evil. Most of it, of course, is godawful: woefully wide of the mark, superlatively irritating and completely absent of even the slightest smidgen of creativity.

Nevertheless, there are some real gems out there, and I’ve just discovered a blog that brings us the best of them.

Like this, using red paint to emphasise an important message:



Or this, demonstrating the braking ability of a Mercedes..




Or this one, from Amnesty International


This is very powerful stuff.

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