I came across two stories on the Web this week that gave me pause for thought.

The first story talks about a six year old Indian boy whose family was so poor he had to resort to suckling the milk from a stray dog to stave away starvation.

According to UNICEF, fifty per cent of children under the age of three are malnourished in rural areas of Jharkhand

The second article talked about a fight amongst neighbours in the Hamptons, one of the wealthiest areas of America. A billionaire megalomaniac called Ira Rennert has annoyed his neighbours by flying his huge helicopter over their houses. A millionaire neighbour has described his behaviour like “throwing their garbage on the other side of the tracks for us poor folks to live with.”

File:Ira Rennert house.jpg

Rennert’s 100,000 sq ft house on the Hamptons

Little boys drink milk from stray dogs, while millionaires fight over who has the biggest toys.

This is the world we live in.

This is the type of world the wealthiest among us wish to preserve in perpetuity.

It’s just sickening.