I have finally yielded to the hype and I’ve downloaded Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing app for smartphones which allows photos to be uploaded and shared. Mood filters can then be added to enhance the original.

At this time the pictures are only available on the web via services such as Webstagram.

Here are some photos from my walking trip through the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry today.

I applied a Valencia filter to this one, creating a 1950’s effect. The old bridges in the Gap made it easy to re-create a “Quiet Man” look and feel.

We’re not sure if this boy is a pony or some sort of cross-breed. He was a great subject, though, staying bolt-still during the photo-take. The filter here was “X-Pro 11”.

This photo used a “1977” filter. From what I can remember, photos back in 1977 were pretty much like photos nowadays. The washed out look from many of these photographs is more due to the breaking down of the photographic chemicals over the intervening decades.

Finally, some lenticular clouds over the Gap, looking for all the world like UFO’s. I don’t think I used any filters at all here.