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A very quick time-lapse movie, taken over the last 3 days, as a rhododendron began to flower. Each frame is separated by 30 minutes.

We took a quick trip to John F Kennedy Arboretum yesterday. This botanical park, resting on the slopes of Sliabh Coillte in Co. Wexford, is home to over 4,000 different species of trees.

Greeting us when we arrived was a a path, strewn in all directions by purple rhododendron flowers. I took an photo with Instagram that captures the moment very well.

Rhodo flowers


John F Kennedy park was a regular place for us to go when I was a child. I think I was usually quite bored there, as trees and flowers did nothing for me.  Over the past few years, I have gained an interest in trees, so every time I come back there now, I learn something new.

It’s a delightful, tastefully designed park that is becoming even more graceful with age. It is a wonderful amenity in Ireland’s South East. I’ll be back again soon.

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