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Over most of the expanse of human history, populations have been limited by the availability of food. Famines and starvation have dogged humanity from the very beginning.

Until, that is, we figured out ways to make food abundant. Now famines are not so common. With every year, the memory of great starvations is waning into the distant past. Once commonplace on our TV sets, those tragic pictures of skeletal mothers and crying babies with distended stomachs and flies dancing over their faces, have been consigned, we hope, to history.

This would be a good thing, except that more and more people seem to think that this age of pre-abundance was some sort of golden era. A time without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. A period in tune with nature, free of cancer, diabetes and obesity. The small organic farmer versus the big impersonal cooperative. An era they say, of health, wholesomeness and happiness. 

They forget the starvation bit. 

Curious, that.

Oh Christ. No photos tonight. I’ve lost my phone. I’m not sure if I misplaced it in the taxi on the way to work or in the hotel somewhere. It might even be at work, but so far no sign of it anywhere. I’m experiencing withdrawal systems.

Other than this, today went ok. Lots of work again, but a nice meal in the evening in the centre of Singapore. This time we ate at the Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng restaurant in the plush Ngee Ann City shopping centre. I have a love of Asian dumpling soup, so I was in seventh heaven.

What is it about Singaporean taxi drivers? Last night, we were just a little tardy getting into our taxi and before we knew it the car had driven away – a cloud of black smoke in its wake.  The driver was clearly annoyed that we had tried his patience so much. Today we took a cab with a driver who clearly preferred the delights of Siberia to the humidity of Singapore. The cab was absolutely freezing inside. We were delighted to get back to the hotel, so we could start to get circulation back into our hands and feet.

I can’t get over the friendliness of the people here. Everyone I have met is so willing to help. Their attention to detail is impressive too. When I was asking about my iPhone, the receptionist I had given my details to needed to server another customer, whereupon the other receptionist got involved seamlessly, as if they had both communicated telepathically.

Jetlag is having its effect tonight. I’m wrecked now. I’ll be up early tomorrow to put the finishing touches to my presentation tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll hear some good news about my phone.

ImageI’m staying in a posh hotel near the city centre, and as might be expected, the breakfast was out of this world. Every possible breakfast dish from every possible corner of the world seemed to be on offer. I so wanted to stay and eat and get fat and eat more and get fatter.

The traffic was quite light, even at rush hour. Apparently there is a strict limit on the number of cars in the city, and in any case, you pay through the nose for the privilege of owning one. 

Housing is also highly regulated. Even the ethnic composition of each apartment is monitored, in order to avoid ghettoisation. It’s a curious place. 


Not a huge amount to report for most of today, as I was stuck in a windowless room for most of the working day. It passed by quickly though, and we ended up eating at Mellben seafood restaurant, not too far from the office. The food was delicious. Crabs and prawns and noodles and scallops and more crabs and more noodles. Scrumptious. You would not want to be on a diet. A sign inside the restaurant told us we needed to keep quiet after 10 am, as the noise was problematic for the neighbours. That was us told. 

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