Last Friday, I was climbing a stepladder when it gave way, collapsing in a heap on the ground with me onboard. I wrenched my foot in the process. It hurt. A lot.

After a sleepless night and a morning trip to the doctor, I was assured I had not broken anything, although a few foot muscles might be somewhat worse for wear. I’m recovering quickly now, my chances of making Brazil’s first 11 slightly diminished.

What has struck me is how difficult the small things become when something like this happens. Carrying things, crossing over uneven ground, descending steps, opening and closing doors, going to the bathroom: all became challenging tasks. Just a small walk up down the hall was beyond me for a while. What I’ve also noticed is the kindness of people – the cup of coffee out of the blue, the genuine concern, the people willing to get things for me (I could get used to that).

I can’t imagine what it would be like to break my ankle as I am greatly assured it is pain an order of magnitude more intense. Neither can I imagine what it would be like to live with disability or chronic pain on a daily basis. I’m nowhere near understanding these things. What I did get was the tiniest of insights. It’s given me pause for thought.