First time on an A380! Such a quiet take-off too.

The amount of space you have is enormous. Zillions of TV channels and noise-suppression earphones as standard.

The Singapore Airlines staff could not have been nicer. Very pleasant, helpful staff. Their reputation for friendliness is well deserved.

And the veal dish. Oh my. Melting in your mouth like chocolate…

No turbulence on route, but no view either as lights were down and most people slept through the night. I stayed awake reading a book for most of it. Better to go to bed tired than wide awake.

I watched Pacific Rim en-route. It’s all AARGH and BAAH and RAAR. Did these actors have to shout their way through the movie? Could they not have whispered to balance things up, as it were?

We left Heathrow at sunset and arrived at sunset in Singapore. The plane routed via Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, then south of the Himalayas. I caught a brief glimpse of the mountains en-route.


No big delays on arrival. Taxi driver was a bit mad though. He also wanted us to pay him in cash – which was a problem. The hotel sorted us out.

Got to my room and had the Best Bath Ever. This could become a habit.