Yesterday, all the roads around us were closed off to allow a one-day rally to take place. It was quite an event, with dozens of souped-up cars powering their way around these quiet roads; revving and backfiring and braking and changing gears with furious intensity.

Many of the cars were part of an era now long gone: Ford Escorts, Talbot Sunbeams, Opel Kadetts. A few Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas made it through too, but the older cars,  particularly the Escorts, were there in great numbers.

Single shots don’t convey the speed and might of these cars, so I used the “Slow Shutter” app on my iPhone to take photos. It takes multiple photos over a short period, then merges the photos into a single image. I used a “Light Trail” setting to get the desired effect, putting more emphasis on the last photo in order to get a clear primary image. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. To achieve the desired effect, I had to start filming one or two seconds before the car passed by. Too early and the car would still be too far away. Too late and the car would have disappeared before filming stopped. Nevertheless, I got a few good shots from the event, making it all worthwhile.