It’s been 3 years since I last went to California and one of the big changes I’ve noticed in that time is the increase in electric cars there. It’s still a tiny minority of cars on the road and most electric cars are selling at a loss, but it’s now beginning to become a realistic option.

Electric car charging stations are being set up in many big workplaces, an early sign that the era of petrol stations may be coming to an end.

Electric Cars

The car making the most waves is the Tesla Model S, a smashing looking vehicle retailing for over 60,000 dollars. I saw quite a few of them on the road when I was there.



It’s odd to see a gaping void where the engine is supposed to be.


Ireland is a long way behind with electrics. They are invisible on Irish roads, although I am reliably informed that there are  already quite a few charging points around the country. We’re still a few years from a tipping point.

Apparently, Google self-drive cars are frequently seen around Silicon Valley. Who knows what we might see in 3 years time?