I need to apologise. I’ve been very quiet with my blog postings over the past few weeks.

The reason I have been remiss?


Stuff? Yes. Stuff. Those dreary things that get in the way of regular blogging. Reality. Life. Work. That kind of thing.

I’ve had a lot of Stuff to deal with over the past while. Every time I think I have enough Stuff on my hands, more Stuff seems to come along out of the blue.

I’m very rich in Stuff right now. I’m like a Stuff magnet. If there were shares in Stuff, I would have a triple A rating. Stuff investors would be delighted with me. Commentators would be speculating about a Stuff bubble.

For a while, I pretended the Stuff wasn’t there. People would tell me I had a lot of Stuff to be getting on with, but I would politely ignore them, imagining that a few blog entries would hoover up the Stuff. As you can imagine, this strategy hasn’t quite worked out as I expected.

I promise I will be back in action soon. Just as soon as the flow of Stuff begins to abate or I decide to stuff the Stuff for a while. Stay tuned.