I guess for a lot of people it’s been a rather strange run up to Christmas. Things are a lot more subdued this year and judging by the intensity of the last minute rush to the shops and the noticeable lack of outdoor lighting this year, it’s as if people put off thinking about it until the last possible moment.

I am no exception. Last year, I managed to get all my Christmas cards written in plenty of time, but this year the postal deadlines came and went without me putting pen to paper, and I feel more than a little embarrassed about it. Even so, all the presents have been bought and I’m looking forward to a day of relaxation tomorrow, followed by a walk up the mountains the following day.

I have nothing else to say but to thank you all for sharing a little bit of my life, my interests and my half-baked thoughts over the past year. I wish you all the very best over the holiday season.