Ok, so while I get my videos together on the Kerry Way walk (I’m nearly done, and I’m happy with the result – it’s just that I’m having major problems sourcing music for it), I thought I would post up a TED video that knocked me for six.

Larry Brilliant is a guy who more than lives up to the idea that we should leave the world in a better state than how we found it. Eradicating smallpox has to be one of the greatest achievements that mankind has ever put its collective mind to. Now polio and blindness are on the radar for elimination from the planet. What other scourges might scientists of the 21st Century eradicate given the collective will and sufficient resources?

The presentation contains so much: horror and fear, but also a copious dose of hope and inspiration for humanity. It finishes up with a call to action that was compelling enough to win Larry the $100,000 TED Prize in 2006. 

Just a warning: this presentation contains some harrowing images that are extremely difficult to watch. Try to bear it out. This talk is simply amazing.