I managed another trip to the Galtees last weekend. This time we took a different route, ascending the valley by Lyreacappul (Ladhar an Chapaill), traversing the ridge of Monabrack and descending into the valley by Sliabh Cois na Binne: a gigantic horseshoe route that took over 5 hours to complete. Apart from the occasional rain-shower, it was a magnificent day. The views from the top were incredible. The entirety of the southern half of Ireland is visible from the summit. What was missing was a view of the sea: the Galtees are Ireland’s only inland mountain range.

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Energetic stream in the valley

The Monabrack ridge from Ladhar na Chapaill County Limerick from Ladhar an Chapaill

Sliabh Cois na Binne Ancient wall on Ladhar an Chapaill

Sycamore grove