I’ve been tagged by Teuchter, so here goes..

  1. I have four kids, including two identical twin boys. They are three years old – how the house is still standing is beyond me..
  2. I have experienced a 7.6 magnitude earthquake (Turkey, 1999).
  3. I was in Australia once – for 2 days.
  4. I love astronomy – I have seen the aurora borealis, an incredible meteor shower and the space shuttle jettisoning its tanks shortly after take-off.
  5. I love walking along coastlines – particularly rocks and cliffs. The scarier and more dramatic, the better.
  6. I used to speak the Irish language quite fluently.
  7. I got married a few hours before Princess Diana died. Whatever Mohammed Al Fayed says, I don’t believe there is a relationship between these two events :-)..
  8. I wrote a full adventure game, based on Shelob’s Lair in the Lord of the Rings, at the age of 14. Only two people ever played it.

And now, on to Pirlam, who might have a few things to say..