I saw a vivid fireball in the sky last night, and friends of mine are reporting the same – the Geminids are here, so be sure to pay attention to the skies over the next few days (if you are lucky enough to have clear skies). The meteor display should be greatest on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. You could possibly expect one every minute or so.

Wrap up warm, and good sightseeing!

An update: According to Spaceweather.com, a huge solar flare has erupted on the Sun, ejecting a lot of material “in our general direction”. So, not only might there be bright meteors tonight, but there is a small chance we might see auroras too. The Northern Lights are something that should not be missed. I saw them once here in Ireland, and it’s a memory I cherish – it was just magnificent. So, look for an eerie green glow in the sky tonight. You just never know..